White Spade Badge T-Shirt


  • It’s a white spade on a black t-shirt. There isn’t much else to be said about it. It’s not the biggest twist, but we think it’s pretty cool.
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We have a thing for playing cards. It is probably a portent for a serious gambling problem. We have done a few more complicated designs, like anatomical hearts, but this one is a bit more simple and we don’t know why we like it but we do. Presumably, you have noticed it’s just a white spade. It looks good on a black t-shirt though, doesn’t it? It might not be the height of sophisticated design, but we think we look good in it. So shut up.

This particular t-shirt may not have taken hours to design like some of our other efforts, but we have spent ages trying to find t-shirts which are nice and ethical. We use companies with ethical accreditation, such as WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) That’s probably not too exciting to most of you. Most new people flogging clothes offer the same thing (which is obviously a good thing) We just thought we should mention it. At least then if you buy our lovely white on black, spade t-shirt, you know an effort has been made to not be an arsehole to a range of people across the globe. Although, there were some mean words thrown my way when I said I couldn’t be bothered to write a description of what is clearly just a white spade, so the creation of this fine piece of apparel has not been victimless.

If you have read this far down in the description you are clearly interested, or at least have nothing better to do. So fill that empty void and fill the next 60-90 seconds by ordering it.

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