Black Spade Badge T-Shirt


  • It’s a spade. Just a standard spade. There’s no good reason for it, but we like it.
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It’s just a spade. In the standard black. On a standard white t-shirt. We spent time designing up variations, but it turns out we do mostly like the standard design. Which is probably why, along with hearts, diamonds and clubs, the design has been used on cards since the 15th century. Did you know they came from France? The rest of Europe used to have their own suits, like crowns, leaves and bells.

Being the champagne socialists we are (actually, ours is a pint if you’re buying) we would rather not use 15th century working practices – we would much rather just nick their designs. To that end, we use companies with ethical accreditations, such as WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) That’s probably not too exciting to most of you. Most new people flogging clothes offer the same thing (which is obviously a good thing) We just thought we should mention it.


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