Anatomical Heart T-Shirt


  • A symbol of love. Sort of.
  • Did you know historians (or, let’s be honest, whoever wrote the entry on Wikipedia) reckon that the symbol of the heart shape as a representation of love came from the 15th Century? We didn’t.
  • An anatomically correct view of the heart to represent the actual heart probably came around quite early in human history. Probably following a rather brutal incident.
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We don’t know why we like this design. It’s a bit creepy, but we still like it. We originally made it for our Ace of Hearts T-Shirt. It seemed reasonable to do a smaller version on its own, It’s even in the same ballpark as your actual heart. We were going to have it nicely positioned exactly over where your heart is. However, there was some concern over a roughian using it as an education piece to make his stabbing of you more accurate and deadly. We are just thinking of your safety.

Speaking of people’s well being, we would like to bring up the ethical credentials of our t-shirts. We have put a bit of effort into finding companies to make the actual t-shirts, who have decent ethical credentials. That means the environmental and social impact of you getting dressed on a morning should be a bit limited. We can’t promise you buying this t-shirt is a step towards a global utopia, but we are trying our best and we would like to think that’s worth something.

And you will look dapper as fuck.

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