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5.1 | Claudius As Emperor – Romans Stop Squabbling. A Bit.

Has Rome got actually got themselves a decent Roman Emperor? Not only an effective Emperor but one who doesn’t cause a civil war every 5 minutes? Don’t get too excited though, it wasn’t all beer and skittles in Claudius’ Rome.


Transcript – Claudius As Roman Emperor. The One With The Breath Of Fresh Air


Our last history of Britain episode we went over Claudius and what he wanted everyone to think was his invasion of Britain.

In this companion episode we ask ourselves can a Roman Emperor ever be anything other than a nightmare for the Romans? What sort of bloke gets married four times? And what’s wrong with the alphabet?


Part One – The Expansion

We know that Claudius came to become Emperor in slightly shady circumstances in 41 AD, and we know he sort of, but didn’t really, invade Britain in 43. He was Emperor until 54, so what was going on in the Empire in the 13 years he was in charge.

One thing he did was expand the empire, and not just trying to gain control of what is obviously the nicest bit of Europe, and by far the best island around. Mind you not much of his expansions had the same drama as with the Britons.
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5 | Claudius Invades Britain- Romans Finally Get Around To Britain

There is a new emperor in town, and Claudius wants a piece of Britain. Finally. We were starting to think it was something we said. So why did Claudius finally get it done properly? How did he get it done? Was he a master of PR?

Transcript – Claudius Invades Britain. The One Where They Finally Get It Done.



By this point in our history of Britain, the Romans have been thinking about taking over the British Isles for nearly 100 years. We’ve had Julius Caesar turning up in Britain, as a proper token effort, to make people think he was doing important stuff. We’ve had Augustus putting us on a to do list, with the best of intentions, but ultimately being distracted by something shiny. Then we have had Caligula looking like he was going to achieve something, but really being too shit. Anyone who has ever had an office job will completely understand.


This week we ask ourselves, why would Romans bother with Britain? what can a physically disabled bloke can do to look hard? And is the only way to deal with bullies really to stand up with them?
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